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Handcrafted Jewelry Designer 

M.Des.RCA London

Gordon graduated with a Master's Degree at the school of Silversmithing and Jewelry at the Royal College of Art, London.

Designing and making religious pieces, trophies for national newspapers, the auto industry, and aviation, Gordon also worked on the Prince of Wales Coronet and later Prince Charles' (now King Charles III) ceremonial sword worn at his wedding to Diana. 

Retail stores came next, designing, making and selling his own products and which led to relocation to the United States.

Gordon is now an American Citizen and works in Central Florida continuing to design and handcraft gold and silver jewelry. 



Gordon was part of the team, led by Louis Osman. Osman created the Prince of Wales investiture crown for Prince Charles.


In 1981,  Gordon worked with Wilkinson Sword on the full ceremonial dress sword carried by Prince Charles at his wedding to Princess Diana. He headed a design workshop in London & Gloucestershire, for more than 40 years, & is now a US citizen, working from his studio in Central Florida.

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